Friday, November 11, 2011

the koala bear has landed

i repeat, the koala bear has landed.
i was told last night by the canadians i am currently staying with that there are ACTUAL bears here, big huge grizzly things that wander past the window (out the window i can currently see: trees, pine trees, other trees, cloudy cloudy mountains) and don't usually eat people.
i'm not sure if they are joking.

but anyway!
i have been drawing whenever my hands are not too frozen - we (jérémy, aka lovely french poet boy) and i have a Plan, which is for me to do a drawing every day for the next year and he must do a poem. and at the end... well who knows really, and it's only day 4, but it's a fun plan and as soon as I work out how to put pictures on my laptop i shall do so.

so far canada is:
living up to its reputation of being very friendly (yay)


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