Thursday, October 20, 2011

project: fly (part two)

project: fly (part one)

this started off as a random sketch of a girl drawing wings for herself but has already taken up about 15 pages... flying is a tricky business.

things you need to make wings

DANS le train

/sur le train.

daydreaming (before watercolours)

on the train home still.
(actually next to jérémy not a duck like monster)

tu es mon phare

(on the train home, day 6)
new word: un phare

cap fréhel

(day 5)
the sky was blue blue blue and i didn't feel watercolours would do it justice.
this is where we dried our underwear; nothing like a nice touristy sunny spot to hang out your undergarments.

lunch in st malo

le(s) ciel(s)

(day 3/4)
still obsessed with sheep.

sois toi

lunch (a french lessony snack) and the view

(day 2)

aventures à vélo

(day one)
(see mum i am wearing a helmet)


chai in french is tchai

but i cannot find the funny i on this keyboard HMMM

party lights


i have a pretty new sketchboooook

because i cannot go into an art shop without buying anything. it is a difficult curse.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

i love you THIS big

wish you were here

love par avion


a week of summer

nico's field

on a boat back to you

view from my window

i cannot draw guitars

sitting in an irish pub

irish cows

cloud message

looking out the window in ireland / you make my heart dance